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Add your awesome location to our Tented Adventures brand. We offer an unique approach to GLAMPING with a combined 50 years of travel and hospitality experience and a focus on all things GLAMPING


low risk option / fixed reward

You have an amazing location and would like additional revenue without exposing yourself to risk.

We develop and operate the camp and pay you an agreed monthly rental.

medium risk option / high reward

You have an amazing location, would like additional revenue, have some capital on hand and accept some risk.

We share the development and operational costs, you receive a monthly rental and share in the profits.

low risk option / medium reward

You have an existing 2 or 3 star tented camp on an amazing site and not keen to operate it yourself anymore.

We operate the camp at our cost and you share in the profits.

Why Tented Adventures?

We are GLAMPING, everything we do is focused on GLAMPING and our combined 50 years experience in the tourism and travel industry brings an energy to the GLAMPING industry that benefits our guests, clients and employees.

Our services include consulting on the design and implementation of authentic tented camps - mobile and permanent - the sales and marketing process, reservations, operational management and securing amazing locations.

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